News & Events

18.03.2009Event"Europe 2020. From interregional co-operation to the Opening up of Regional Innovation Systems!  - Brussels
24.02.2009EventTechnology Transfer - Title, Profession, System or Action!  - RIGA
09.12.2008EventAnnual Meeting of LES France 2008  - Paris (France)
03.12.2008EventInternational Conference on Technology Transfer: The Practice and the Profession  - RSM, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
02.12.2008EventThe Week of Research, Development and Innovation in the CR  - Prague, Czech Republic
20.11.2008EventInnovation Support Roundtable - Exchanging best practice in supporting innovative businesses  - Munich (Germany)
19.11.2008EventAssociation of Knowledge Transfer Organizations and Professionals  - Prague, Czech Republic
29.09.2008EventKnow-How Exchange with LES/CLP, 29/30 Sept 08, Amsterdam (LES Pan European Conference))  - Amsterdam
22.09.2008EventIntellectual Property Rights and Assets Management Course  - Prague, Czech Republic
10.09.2008EventSixth Annual WIPO Forum on IP and SMEs for IP Offices and institutions in the OECD countries  - Cardiff (UK)
14.08.2008EventJoint Workshop at LES FRANCE, 20/22 August 2008, Paris (Oreal Headquatersäö)  - Paris - L´Oréal
17.07.2008EventInternational Conference on IP Management Education and Research  - Geneve (Swiss)
10.07.2008NewsCourse Patent & License Management announced by Management Center Innsbruck
19.06.2008EventAnnual Congress C.U.R.I.E. - Research and Innovation 2008  - Compiègne (France)
17.06.2008EventJoint Workshop at VINNOVA  - Stockholm
03.04.2008EventMid-Term Meeting together with European Commission  - Vienna
29.03.2008EventJoint Workshop at European Patent Office  - München
14.02.2008Event1st Joint Workshop to outline Certfied European TTT Manager  - Bologna
31.01.2008EventPROTON Fifth annual conference – Building successful partnerships  - Turin (Italy)
17.01.2008EventCERT-TTT-M at the 2008 Annual Proton Conference  - Turin
17.01.2008EventASTP trainings at the CERT-TTT-M Coordinators premises, 30 Jan - 1 Feb, Vienna  - Vienna
05.12.2007EventPresentation of the Results and 2nd Steering Committee Meeting in Riga  - Riga
21.09.2007EventMatchmaking Process between WP1 & WP2 in Rotterdam  - Rotterdam
06.09.2007EventBenchmarking Workshop & Best Practice Presentations  - Innsbruck
26.07.2007EventGet-Togehter with Advisory Panel  - Brussels
18.05.2007NewsOnline questionaire
01.03.2007EventKick-Off Meeting  - Vienna